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Fussball ist nicht mehr Fussball, wie er war und gilt auch für die Kommentatoren am Flimmerkasten. Beni bleibt ewig Beni. Mittlerweile ist unser Lieblingsspiel in jeder trendy Beiz zu sehen und wir müssen, als Begründer des TV-Fussballs in der Beiz (1987) da nicht mehr unbedingt im gleichen Strom mitschwimmen. Herausragende Games schauen wir uns natürlich immer noch an. Ohne TV-Kommentar allermeistens;)

Gescheites über Gott, die Welt und den Ball. Peter Schneider/Sonntagszeitung



(Interview with Bill Shankly, 1913-1981, all-time great football manager who's now residing in that Football Hall of Fame in the sky).

Question: Hi Bill, how's it hanging?

Bill Shankly: Quite well, thanks for asking.

Q: Are you still into watching as many football games as you can?

BS: Oh yes, even the ones on Monday's, can't get enough of it.
And I've got the best seat in the house.

Q: Did you watch that do-or-die match between Zurich and
M'Gladbach las week?

BS: Sure did. One team was already dead on arrival.

Q: (Chuckle)

BS: To be honest I fell asleep in the middle of it.

Q: But what was your take anyway from what you did see?

BS: I noticed that some player's hair was exactly in the
same spot at the end of the match as at the kick-off.

Q: What did that tell you?

BS: I don't know. Never seen anything like it in my time.
Maybe they got no heart, or maybe they're a little swishy
- know what I mean?

Q: (Chuckle) What would you do about that?

BS: Nothing. But I would take their Maserati's away.

Q:  What do you think about those experts that say
they still saw a good game fro Zurich?

BS: Drop the beer. Switch to Scotch. And keep an open mind.

Q: Thanks Wild Bill. can we speak again after Basel beats Porto?

BS: Sure thing. You know where to find me.
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