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november 24. to november 29. ...
Our own house publication, providing an interesting look into what's what on our island and beyond. You can pick up #6 for free at the bar.
A special column giving a high-five to worthwhile articles and opinions all through 2012 - hurry!
The very last island on the Sihl
We're open to you every day and you'll get: Bar, Restaurant, Galley, the Forever Party, a Coastal Stroll, Swiss Railway (SBB) nearby, own Parking Garage, Football Greats, Appenzeller Friends, World Music and its Unforgettable Tunes, Something to Read, Theater and Arts from our neighbors, Sailor- and Fisherman stories, Great Food and Atmosphere - all expecting you on the last island on the deepblue Sihl!

Monday — Thursday 10:00 to Midnight
Friday 10:00 to 02:00
Saturday 12:00 to 02:00
Sunday 14:00 to Midnight
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el Lokal