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«Time is not against us.»
Sunday, 29.04.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Laura Gibson (USA)
«It's music which asks existential questions of frightening intimacy through the form of Folk noir.»
Laura's 32, lives in Portland, Oregon; sings, plays concert guitar and writes songs and was U.S. high-jump champion. Her music might remind you of Feist and Cat Power, yet her crackling, broken, tender and whispering voice, performed in her unique precise, delayed rhythm, takes you into a sphere all her own. «If You Come To Greet Me» sounds a little like it was recorded secretly under the bedcovers in the wee hours of the morning, if it weren't enhanced by cello and banjo, Lo-Fi percussion and other acoustic ingredients. Delta Blues, Folk, Country, Americana and lullabies can also be heard in there. Laura Gibson reduces all of it to bare chords, small melodies and intimately performed songs about the weather and country boys. On tour, she was up with Juana Molina, Damien Jurado, Alela Diane.

What began in a quiet mode, now excites everywhere - and louder, especially on the new «La Grande»: Swinging percussion sounds and the use of the guitar in a manner unheard of coming from Laura, until now. After playing with vulnerabilities in «Beasts of Season», it's now an all-out demonstration of strength. Writer, columnist, flaneur Joseph von Westphalen, in ecstasy: «After a couple of hours of YouTube tubing and ever growing excitement, I can wholeheartedly exclaim that it was Laura who made me forget the weird spectacle and the grotesque manifestations of sorrow after Michael Jackson's death, and saved me from impending horrible callousness towards music. She beat the heartbeat back into my heart. Because of Laura, I was once again flooded by heavenly emotions. Now that's music; Franz Schubert would
have immediately, deeply fallen in love with her.» Would it have been requited? (maybe she'll tell...).
Rolling Stone gave her a big write-up and declared «La Grande» album of the month of January, noting the change in determination and forward orientation. Gibson: «I'm someone who loves old things and could easily dwell in nostalgia, but I really felt this needed to be a statement about the future - about moving forward fearlessly. Time is not against us

Since 2009, there've been over 200 concerts by her in the US, Europe and Asia and «La Grande» is also about life on the road. She produced herself, played as many as 15 instruments on some tracks; on others she welcomed guests like Joey Burns (Calexico), Members of the Dodos, Musee Mecanique and the Decembrists. It's all Laura though, as you'll hear live coming from her and her 4-piece band. But despite raised decibels, we urge you, flaneurs of the Mississihl, to please be quiet, please. For the love of Laura and her art.

«Gibson's voice on the 3-minute «The Rushing Dark» is carried by clattering percussion, organ and a gospel choir. It's on this track that she builds her musically richly visualized world. These are songs about the country and how the life influences people; it's about home, change, wildness and the path Gibson's currently traveling on. The future is made of her present dealings with herself. The quilt on the cover is a family heirloom
- Frank Sawatzki, Musikexpress (5 stars)

«It's music which asks existential questions of frightening intimacy through the form of Folk noir.» - Kulturnews
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