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Sunday, 01.11.2020, 20:20
Admission: 25.–
Graber: Tod Gesagt
(Death pronounced)

Just in time for Dia de Los Muertos, new work by this brilliant rock poet and eloquent prophet of everybody’s impending doom by the merciless scythe of death.

Basic truisms like «life will be the death of us all», «the only certain things in life are death and taxes», and less glib, this from Orson Welles, an enlightened darkie himself: «You’re born alone, you live alone, you’ll die alone, only through love and friendship can we create the illusion that we’re not alone».                    

With his brand-new album «Death Pronounced» Jan Graber offers his very personal take on this eternal subject. He’s illuminating the theme through his own gothic darkness, a darkness that was born by his own personal losses. Among them his good friend Martin Ain Stricker (formerly of Celtic Frost and Orphan Drug, RIP). He succeeds because of some of the songs’ soothing irony, in contrast to the fear of death and the horror of the inevitability of it. Song titles that could scare the bejeezus out of you: «Ohne Abschied – Without Goodbye», «Schattenklang – Sound of Shadow» and «Wie allein warst Du - How alone were you?» Death poet Jan Graber took a closer look at his current subject in 2008 when he says «I had reached a dead spot with my rock band, the music started going in circles, I wanted to break down barriers because experiences with death had entered my personal life.» Mortal passing, grief, and pain as a source of energy and birth of a new life? Folks, there’s hope (ask Buddha).

Fronting the band tonight and relying on the spoken word is the author Jan Graber, Sara Schaer (TNT, One, Two, Three) on bass, and Stefano Mauriello (Tar Pond) on guitar. A musical debt to Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Pink Floyd is being paid and Jan’s collection of his gripping, thoughtful texts in «Tod gesagt» will be introduced in the form of a book.

El Lokal, open to you since 1.8.2000. Forever playing in memory after things mortal have long passed. Thank you for your patronage, it’s great you’re still around.

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