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Saturday, 14.12.2019, 20:00
oh what a night...
The kids are all right. Set free from the aviary in Vienna, Austria, the young Buntspecht (Great Spotted Woodpecker) is flying into our coop for what is sure to be a memorable night, ornithology aside.

Multi-colored is definitely one attribute that describes the sound of their music and lyrics spotted generously with their unique take on wit. Their much-noticed debut album was «Grossteils Kleinigkeiten - In Large Part Little Things» from just last year was the sign for things to come in their current «Draussen in meinem Kopf – Outdoors inside my head». A selection of their idiosyncratic, visual song titles shows their penchant for refusing to fly in the vast universe of conventional pop ditties: «Brennesseln - Stinging Nettle» (2017), «Hinterkammerl - Little Backroom» (2018), «Truemmertraeumer» - Rubble Dreamer (2019).   

Caging these young and talented artists into a particular style is for the birds; in general, their sound’s a wild mix of gypsy swing, jazzy improvisations, bossa nova, Lieders and some full flights into dissonance. Infectious dance grooves with a punky attitude is their groove and they’re happily pecking away at the usual pop varieties. The Great Spotted Woodpeckers alias Buntspecht are Lukas Klein (guitar, vocals, piano), Florentin Scheicher (trumpet, melodica), Florian Roethel (drums, percussion), Jakob Lang (contrabass, e-bass), Lukas Chytka (cello) and Roman Gessler (sax, flute). Note: some of the band members’ background in the visual arts shows impressively in their self-made videos as well. Buntspecht from Vienna, free as a bird, born to fly outside any cage.

Raw, boiled or stewed, cabbage is cabbage. But it’s also the name of tonight’s band – in Croatian that is. 

Ergo, their name explains the musical orientation of this Swiss sextet from the cultural hotbed of Winterthur and its affinity for the sounds of Balkan, gypsy, and klezmer. Jubilant instrumental virtuosity is the tag for their genre, all-out high tempo passages alternate with heartwarming interludes and you might get your handkerchiefs out for some of the teary passages. Meret Schmid is on accordion and vocals, Paula Hsu likes the violin and vocals, Simon Eugster plays the clarinet and sax, Hannes Waeckerlig engages with the accordion and synth, Manuel Eugster handles the other synth plus contrabass and Dominik Laeuchli drives the drums. This sextet with their exuberant instrumentalizations has been performing live across Europe since 2013, even venturing into the lion’s den – Croatia. At home, they’ve won the fairly prestigious Band-it award and as far as their current album «Hobotnica Karavan» is concerned - well, see above. 

An urban dictionary translation - speak slang - says that a kupus is a person who loves the booty over other parts of the body. Could this be the Kupus band’s hidden message inviting you to dance your ass off?

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