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Sunday, 15.09.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
You think you could separate yourself from whatever you’re doing to listen live to the most intriguing new Swiss Folk group around? Sure you can, folks did in Peru.

Fresh from their participation in the «Festival de Musica Altura» in Lima, the band’s back on our shores, with a knapsack full of impressions. The quartet’s named after a silvery mountain range deep in the heart of Switzerland, interspersed with a myriad of caves created by the tooth of time. The majestic peaks are looking down onto the village of Muotathal, nestled in the Muota valley below which is traversed by a still untamed mountain river of the same name. The melting of impressions from a near otherworldly environment with their superb musicianship, their use of traditional instruments and unflinching loyalty to the traditions of Swiss folk are at the core of the sound of this band. Yet today, ancient songs and their soul are presented with Silberen’s sensitive and modernist approach to their own arrangements. It’s now their music, often mystical, even darkish but also jubilant and full of joy and easily touching on styles like jazz, pop and rock. Their harmonies are something to hear, led by Barbara Berger’s lucent voice, she’s a virtuoso in both jodeln, jutzen and emotional passages alike. The compositions remain simple and honest, spiritual and earthy. The themes of the songs are as vigorous as the folks living in alpine areas and tell stories of happiness and pain, the fight for freedom and independence, drink and despair. Their latest album is «Winder» and it highlights the band’s joy in just making music and their aim to shower you with their exuberance.

BARBARA BERGER (voice, Indian harmonium) studied classical and jazz; jutzen, and you’ll get a taste of it, she’s fond of since childhood. Crossing genres, Barbara has ventured into dance and theatre, loves improvisational music and archaic singing, vocalizations from the Renaissance, Baroque and new jazz. And Neil Young.
CHRISTIAN SCHMID (contrabass, voice) he’s studied classical and jazz contrabass. He has been a member of numerous groups from klezmer to Swiss folk. His uplifting play has been a crowd-pleaser.
Rock’n’Roli ROLAND STROBEL (percussion, guitalele, voice) got things going by studying piano, percussion, and composition at the Conservatory Zurich. He’s also musical director at the Theater HORA where his percussion and leadership keeps the house band on the level. Roli loves rock’n’roll.
NAYAN STALDER (voice) and Hackbrett, otherwise known as hammered dulcimer or tympanon, a rare instrument that’s been with him since the age of 9 and which led him to join in on numerous sound projects in styles as diverse as jazz, folk, and rock.

Live at El Lokal, Swiss Folk band Silberen. River deep and mountain high.

el Lokal