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Monday, 14.01.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
PSTCRD + Phil Duke
The rumors of their passing have been greatly exaggerated.

It’s been quiet around this 5-piece band in recent years due to the usual monkey wrenches life can throw into the path of anybody’s good intentions. Screwing up any possibility for a legitimate and overdue breakthrough to fame. But fate’s known to play in mysterious ways at times, they regrouped, felt the fire was still burning which led to reunion gigs and the release of a box set of works from their glory years, which a paper described as «… a stunningly fresh compilation of songs that still vibrate and give a hint of what might have been.» Additionally, an EP with four titles now and another with another four titles later are also up for grabs. Building on past glory which included regular appearances on Swiss tv, this band is back. The current crew features Markus Graf on bass guitar and vocals, Hännes Grüninger on drums, Dani Gysel on guitars, keyboard and vocals, Tom Krailing on guitar and vocals and Stefan Zahler on guitar, keyboards and vocals. 

Life is full of repeat performances and today, this group of sound magicians is still a driving, rocking guitar band with massive melodic articulations, awash with harmonies and untamed ethereal excursions into the upper spheres of ozone and time. Amply demonstrated by their video for the song «Going North» on PSTCRD could seduce you to take off to anywhere yourself if you’re so inclined. Or make you believe in second chances.                                                                                      


Phil Duke

Call him Faceless Phil because there hasn’t been a media photograph of him in years. 

Is this singer-songwriter just camera shy or an outcast or what, we don’t know. It’s all a mystery but what is known is that the man of a few words lets his guitar and lyrics do the talking. It’s a Gretsch 6119 Tennessee Rose no less and together with her he contributes mightily to his living legend status, no pictures needed. In fact, he’s been a fixture of the local scene for eons. Mainly firing things up for others but landing a headliner of his own once in a blue moon. The name of his game’s a free-wheeling kind of freestyle country sound enforced with lyrics that talk about every day life in four chords and not many more words. Less is more is what does it for this splendid artist. Faceless Phil Duke wears only checkered country-style shirts on principle and sports well-coiffed long hair together with a beard. If you see a guy like that hang out at the bar before the show, buy him a drink. He’ll thank you in kind in no time.

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