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Saturday, 15.12.2018, 20:20
Admission: 28.–
Emanuela Hutter
The voice of the psychobilly Hillbilly Moon Explosion is stepping out.

“A Girl Like You” which the Italian-Swiss singer-songwriter and mistress of the low-fuzz guitar recorded at producer Neil Brockbank’s London Goldtop Studios is her first solo work. The cd/vinyl was recorded with participating musicians Geraint Watkins* (Nick Lowe, Paul McCartney) Angie Pollock* (Goldfrapp, Tanita Tikaram) Martin Winning (Tanita Tikaram, Van Morrison) and Kate St.John (Marianne Faithful). Whoa, quite a line-up there. Featured are 10 songs, all written by her. With meticulously crafted narratives the singer performs her collection with great emotion. But no worry, she’s seriously holding off on the sugar. With this solo album, Emanuela is simply expanding her repertory by stepping out from her other life of fronting Hillbilly Moon Explosion for some years. “Timeless” is what could best describe her solo work. “Capturing impressions of the moment that transform into music” is how she underplays it when describing her art herself.  

Bewitching in her stage presence, altogether mysterious, sultry, irresistible and graced with a wondrous voice, Emanuela Hutter is ridiculously compelling in songs like the triste “Little Pray”. She’s possessed in “Should Have Been A Love Song” but expresses a lighter, happier touch in “What I See Has Changed”. The title song is the poppy little tune “A Girl Like You” and one could envision her sitting by herself at a little table in a Parisien boite de nuit, Veuve Clicquot rose at hand. The piece “Day By Day” comes rolling in with echoes from the Hillbilly Moon Explosion but her true calling in this her solo debut is obvious in the darkly seductive “Why Are You Following Me” (we can’t imagine why). A beauty with a touch of the beast, this slinky siren has got pipes. And a presence like the Neptunian deity she is.

*with her tonight plus Bobby Irwin on drums.  

Emanuela Hutter, live at El Lokal. The siren is calling you.


el Lokal