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Monday, 03.12.2018, 19Uhr19
oh what a night...
Light Of Day
Named after a Bruce Springsteen song, Light of Day is an international fund-raising organization dedicated to up awareness and to eradicate Parkinson’s disease and its related illnesses.

Relying on the power of music for support, the org has received aid from artists like Willie Nile, Albert Lee, Lucinda Williams, Garland Jeffries, The Smithereens, Nicole Atkins, and many others. And now it needs yours. With the gracious help of El Lokal and organized by Parkinson Schweiz (, please support and enjoy tonight’s musical caravan.


Guy Davis guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals, actor

He’s the only son of distinguished actors Ruby Dee and Ossie Davies. Essentially self-trained on all instruments, he picked up fingerpicking from a 9-fingered guitar player on a train from Boston to New York. Guy’s been called Ambassador of the Blues and wholly relating to that heading, his latest album is «Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train – A Look Back at Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry» (2016). He’s got much knowledge and love for the history of the blues and its greats Blind Willy McTell, Big Bill Broonzy, and Lightnin’ Hopkins and you dig immediately for whom his musical heart is beating. An accomplished actor, he played Robert Johnson in the Off-Broadway production of “Trick the Devil”. Guy has also drawn his own album cover and he’s a recipient of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors (others: Warren Beatty, Elton John, composer John Williams) bestowed to this guy by the U.S. Prez (no, it wasn’t the goombah currently occupying the W. House ).


Anthony D’Amato singer-songwriter, guitarist

Tonight, this young, Brooklyn based and very gifted folk-rock Americana artist will be giving you an early feel from his upcoming third album with the song «The Oyster and The Pearl» (like in «I Been The Oyster I Been The Pearl»). As in that fabled process, his career begun to grow and take on a shine with 2016’s «Cold Snap» which was produced by Mike Modis (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit) and it featured Conor Oberst, best known for his work in Bright Eyes. In the song «Golden Gloves», with the video directed by him, he’s depicting a guy on his disastrous morning commute who arrives but only by getting punched in the eye on the way… Streaming on Spotify went wild, cracking over 5 million hits and counting and making him a bona fide superstar on that app. Moreover, Rolling Stone magazine named him The Artist you need to Know. And now you can.   


Joe D’Urso singer-songwriter, guitarist

He’s an Americana roots rocker and a fixture on our stage, with or without his band «Stone Caravan», more times we can remember. Joey D let the giant waves of the Jersey shore buoy his personality and his music and as an artist. He goes way back to the folk scene in Greenwich Village and later on across the Hudson to the equally famous Ashbury Park musical uprising. Duetting on occasion with that other guy from Jersey, also known as The Boss. Raw, raucous and rising to a high-pitched voice, his music will strike you as forthright and infectious and it’s all carried by a powerful stage presence. He’s got an altruistic nature, so naturally, he’s on the board of directors for Light of Day. Being a rabid baseball fan he won’t mind us calling the explosive entity called Joe D’Urso a thunderous, beautiful home run.


Jeffrey Gaines singer-songwriter, guitarist

Originally from Harrisburg PA and now living in Philadelphia, the charismatic alt-rock artist hasn’t recorded a studio album since his 2003 «Toward the Sun» which he’d done for Artemis Records. He’s back with this year’s «Alright» which was recorded in LA and was produced by the multi-instrumentalist Chris Price. Guesting on it is the star-studded studio line-up of the guitar by Val McCallum (Jackson Brown, Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams), the bass of Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello, Cracker, John Hiatt) and drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello, Squeeze), also known under their band name Jackshit. That was studio, here’s him giving some thoughts on live performing: «There’s nothing more satisfying than a good live gig. I’m in control but the audience can take it to a place higher than I can imagine. It’s just, turn it on, let the audience in». Alright, Jeff, we can go for that.


Vini «Mad Dog» Lopez drums

Perhaps because of a shot or two of Latino blood in his DNA ancestry, Vini is one hell of a baterista. Recognized as such by Bruce Springsteen, he was the power drummer for several of the Bosses bands like Steel Mill and The E Street Band and was driving matters to a frenzy on the albums «Greetings from Asbury Park» and «The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle». Subsequently, there were stints in several Jersey Shore bands like The Lord Gunner Group. Following his bliss, he headed his own band Steel Mill Retro which dedicated itself to songs from the Steel Mill period. There were also intermitted appearances with The Boss and his respective crew. «Mad Dog» got his well-earned name from the famed record company chief Clive Davis. It’s been a head-spinning career and surprising nobody, Vini was inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame due to his work in the Springsteen E Street Band. We don’t know at this time who’s going to be on stage with him but for sure we’ll have veni, vidi, vici Vini.


Rob Dye singer-songwriter, guitarist

«The New Jersey natives current 10 song album is «Days to Here» of which the first 5 are straight rock’n’roll. Overall, the album reflects a journey through the rich landscape of American music’s roots. With feet firmly planted in those roots, Robe Dye’s music incorporates elements of rock, old-school country, Stax-influenced r&b, gospel and more. Guitars wail, the steel guitar, and piano bring us back into a honky-tonk saloon, then to gospel church with a trio of singers, the accordion whisks us into Bayou country while a sax echoes the famous Jersey Shore sound. Through it all, the lyrics tell classic stories of love, faith, drinking and hitting the road.» (from his website, He also wants to give credit to the truly eclectic bunch of sidemen on the album who’ve played sweet music with B.B.King, John Scofield, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Monster Magnet, Bruce Springsteen and Justin Timberlake. 


Light of Day at El Lokal. See the light, we do need your help.

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