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... France and the World, live at El Lokal.
Monday, 08.10.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Cyril Cyril
Just because one of their song titles is about the destroyed Colossus of Rhodes (280 BC) doesn’t mean your evening will go to ruins as well.

Far from it. In fact, the song’s a high-spirited testament by the identical twins Cyril (Yetarian; voc, acc, g, banjo) and Cyril (Bondi; perc, voc) to their Middle Eastern soul heritage and its intoxicating otherworldly rhythms. You can tell by their mastery of their instruments in all their variety, including some inspired knee slapping, that you’re in for an intense, swirling blend of East meets West meets the World experience. Mes Dames et Messieurs, this unafraid duo adventurously storms through jazz, funk, soul, non-music, folk, country, the spoken word and their world to elevate you out of yours. Transcendental themes dominate through the inventive use of drums boom-boom-boom! invading like blinding light and thunder boom-boom-boom! from the Atlas mountains of Morocco, enhanced by mirroring vocals and lyrics in multi-lingual interpretations. Angels are hissing, dervishes are romping, hair is flying, limbs are flexing, hearts are gyrating. It’s a propulsive surge that urges you to let loose and be the Phoenix on the dance floor.

Currently situated in Geneva but quite the vagabonds, the tandem has been an integral part of bands like Mama Roisin and the jazz trio Plaistow and could be heard in over 200 live gigs, from Metz to Paris, from Geneva to now Zurich. Like their engagement at the «Facciamo la Corte» festival a month ago with Delaney Davidson, Klaus Johann Grobe, Zahnfleisch, Sonny and The Sunsets, Captain Moustache, Fredo Ignazio Reka Ciszer a.o. They’ve produced singles like the aforementioned «Colosse de Rhodes/Sayyara» on Bongo Joe Records and also point out Cyril Cyril’s current single «Certaine Ruines» on Born Bad Records, just released this September.

It literally means «stuttering» and it’s this rock trio’s from the South of France self-depreciating way of naming themselves.

Apparently not indulging in that sometimes charming affliction, Loup Uberto, Lucas Vinale and Alexis Vineis will enlighten and disturb you with what Bandcamp describes as «French songs, noises, rumors of distant and early music, short and cruel poems, handcrafted instruments and radio amps, circuit bending, and other wasted instruments.» Their digital album «Terrain a mire» will be released October 19 and it will prove they could have an evening all to themselves. In the meantime these stutterers will leave you a bout de souffle – breathless – tonight.  

France and the World, live at El Lokal.

el Lokal