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Brains & brawn
Saturday, 19.05.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Rebeca Lane
feat. Zaki & DJ Kuto Quilla
A formidable voice from the barricades.

«I don’t think music has the power to change the world, but I do believe it has the power to create a consciousness about what you are, what you’re worried about – and this is helping people who’re trying to organize and make changes» says the activist Guatemalan composer and rapper, Rebeca Eunica Vargas Tamayac, aka Rebeca Lane, who’s also a published poet, sociologist and multi-media artist (in theater, video and poetry). Brains mixing with brawn, her message has universal reach and implications. It’s likely the reason why her show and her intensity for her cause was a total sell-out last year in Berlin. Although her message is the core of her performances it’s also her musicianship that wakes up the visceral in her audience. Her hip-hop and rap rhythms, in addition to cumbia, incorporate African and Afro-Latino influences, including those of the Garifuna and Arawak people, descendants of slaves who now live in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Not least, she’s embracing her own indigenous background.

What makes a feminist activist? She was a three-year old kid when the 36 years old Guatemalan civil war, which included genocide on the indigenous Mayas, was rampaging and her aunt, a member of her highly political family and for whom Rebeca is named, vanished forever, joining the spooky statistic of the desaparacidos. It left an indelible impression on the young girl and ultimately inspired her to become the feminist and formidable woman she now is. Efrain Rios Montt, rot in hell.

Rebeca released the video «Mi Cuerpo es Mio», produced by Artevista films which uses film to fight gender violence. Lane narrates the story of a woman who leaves a violent relationship with the help of other women. Her 3rd album is «Alma Mestiza», which features songs like «Reina del Caos», «Este Cuerpo es Mio» and «Voler». Let’s face it, this artist is also fighting white supremacy and doing so she increasingly reaches a white audience who has to increasingly fight white supremacy itself. (Think about the students of the Parkland massacre). Hasta la vista -  in the near future.

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