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Down from the alps into the valleys
Sunday, 24.11.2019, 18:18
Admission: 5.–
«Du kannst jetzt jodeln (You can now yodel)». Beginning this fall, the University of Lucerne offers a main course that has as its singleminded aim to have its students graduate in yodeling (Lecturer: Nadja Raess).

In our somewhat less academic environment, we invite you to do the same by participating in our by now traditional honoring of centuries old Swiss folklore music, which we began here with Giigestube. This time you can bring your own voice, heart and courage, face our yodel masters, yodel your heart out and leave the premises a much better yodeler. You see, technically, yodeling’s quite simple: «It’s a form of singing marked by rapid alternation between normal voice and falsetto…». Well, if the high falsetto part’s a bit out of reach, don’t despair: You can also bring your own instrument(s) and join the yodeling by doodeling.  Traditionally yodeling, which by the way didn’t use lyrics until the 19th century, is mainly supported by Schwyzeroergeli (accordion) and contrabass but yodelers have also been heard in the company of Klavier, cymbalom and tuba. Down from the alps into the valleys, this expression of serenity and high spirits, often forcefully accompanied by juchzen, has spread it’s sound and yes, message worldwide. With The Trapp Family to Hollywood, Tarzan losing control when he first saw Jane and Arnold Schwarzenegger throwing his own Knoedel into the soup: «If I had listened to the naysayers, I’d still be in the Austrian Alps, yodeling.» Why didn’t you Arnie? says most of California. 

Once a month and Sunday night, two of our yodel luminaries turned instructors will be at hand in tandem to give you a helping tongue and put everybody else in high spirit. Meet master yodelers Christine Lauterburg & Barbara Berger or Natalie Huber & Flavia Vasella or Cornelia Meyer & Claudia Frank at any given Sunday.

Live at El Lokal, the only Yodel Cathedral on earth. «Holleri du doedel di.» 

el Lokal