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«European garage swing folk and urban dancing blues»
Saturday, 15.09.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Los Gatillos
(Pierre Omer, Monney B
+ Fred Raspail)
Mon Dieu! All they wanted was two songs to press a 7 inch and it all got out of hand and voila! there’s a new LP featuring 15 songs.

The band we’ve been waiting for, the sharpshooters Los Gatillos (Spanish: triggermen) dispel the notion that nothing much is happening in the pretty but a bit boring city of Geneva, Suisse. ‘Cause something’s raunchy apparently has been hiding, maybe in the folds of her undergarments. But it’ll all become less of a mystery when a little stage light shines on tonight’s band. Led by ex-Dead Brother and co-founder Pierre Omer, this all-star trio also boasts dirty French folk singer, the notorious Fred Raspail who had infiltrated Zaz, and Monney B who’s well remembered for his stint with Hell’s Kitchen. About full-blooded musician Pierre it’s been noted that «his music digs up American and European roots from folk to blues and from country to gypsy swing and it all jives in a rough and electric way». Fred Raspail sings in French and he’s just sick and Monney, well, money isn’t everything but Monney is.

Their fb page explains they got together in 2017 at a place called Le Gatillon, played with the gatos (to further confuse the origin of their name), hit some ping pong, drank some whisky, came up with some new songs, resuscitated semi-present compositions from life support, hit more ping pong and drank more whisky, and after 8 days got 15 beauties on track and got themselves a new album which was released earlier this year. And of which you’ll hear more about tonight, no doubt. Advanced notice is it holds songs of love, pain, ghosts, dancing queens and other good old goodies. In a style they call «European garage swing folk and urban dancing blues» Ok. But it’s all punkass wtf rock’n’roll to us. And we like it.

Los Gatillos, the cats that shoot straight rock'n'roll. And tonight they’re live at El Lokal, finally.   

el Lokal