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True Bromance
Saturday, 25.11.2017, 20:20
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The Weyers
One brothers left side of the brain connects brilliantly to the right side of the other. Could this be the rise of neuro pop?

«He’s the brain, I’m the musician» informs Luke about his symbiotic relationship with brother Adi. Actually, rock history is full of sibling collaborations, often contentious ones like Ray with Dave Davies of the Kinks, Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis or Phil and Don of the Everly brothers as well as some more benign like The Jesus and Mary Chain who’ve been concentrating more on scandalous musical output. With the Weyer brothers, trust in each other and their together creative vision is everything. Adi writes most of the lyrics and does the vocals supported by his guitar, Luke writes the music and launches a flying carpet with his beat on drums. Adi’s into Bob Dylan and the pursuit of new harmonies, Luke’s the punker and hard rocker. A power duo with a much bigger band’s melodious impact, they’re into nurturing rather than neurotically nagging each other.

Their second and brandnew album’s titled «Out of Our Heads». It features 11 songs which point to the dark and bright lights of existence. The brothers on their own experienced plenty of both and the experiences are expressed in compositions like the powerful alt-rock «Done With Love», the under-your-skin melody of «Voluntary Tear» or the gracious «So Good To See You» which registers a strong country feeling. The album was recorded in the Euro La La land of Berlin. Originally from Zurich, the Weyers have been toiling individually in a number of bands before unleashing the creative power of brotherly genetics.

«It’s all about the feeling of being in the moment. And letting it pass at the same time». «Out of Our Heads», thrilling and drilling into yours. Brainy stuff from the bro’s.  

el Lokal