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Greetings from the Ocean Bed
Sunday, 18.09.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Maria Doyle Kennedy
& Kieran Kennedy
The love affair is heating up again. It could be the longest one in notoriously disloyal show biz.

The actor and songstress Maria Doyle Kennedy has been a regular on our boards as far back as our battered brains can remember. But you do recall, it’s her regal appearance and thespian command and of course not least her ripe and earthy beauty that landed her juicy roles in both film and television.

But it’s her song and words that anchored a place for her forever in our hearts. Supported by her husband Kieran and his congenial and superb musical ways, Maria is a writer and songstress to be reckoned with. A very impressed Sunday Times praised her eclectic cross-genre 2012 album «Sing» and wrote that it features «more Appalachian folk than hillbilly boogie, more blue grass than Western swing». About her raw and authentic and by now legendary live album from 2014 «Maria Live» she says «As much of an album as the famously over-dubbed Thin Lizzy classic «Live and Dangerous» is, I always felt live albums should remain as raw and untouched as possible.» Straightforward talk from a straightforward and refreshingly candid artist. And yeah, the 2007 single «Fuckability» is a another favorite as well.

Her latest but not yet released TB A is «Muetters Daughter» on Mermaid Records. «Greetings from the Ocean Beds» is the deep title announcing it on her website, where you can get your own in-depth information. But briefly, she contemplates about her passion for performing wherever the energies of movement and change compel her to go: «I love that we are gypsies and make the world our home…but we want to be near people who understand things without you having to use a lot of words.» In short:  Maria, you always have a home where our heart is. 

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