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Coming on like crashing waves
Saturday, 17.09.2016, 21:21
oh what a night...
La Luz
Surf Noir waves by the all-female quartet from the Nashville of indie rock are breaking into town.

In 2013, this top live band out of Seattle had a brush with death and narrowly survived a high-speed highway collision while on tour. That didn’t deter the ladies and they stormed right back to wipe their fan base into customary frenzy. Their debut «It’s Alive» from 2013 (now from which classic flick is that line from you horror freaks out there?) was a punch into the public’s eye and following in the footsteps of that hard-charging first album, La Luz turned out their latest and most darkly illuminating oeuvre so far, entitled «Weirdo Shrine». It’s hot and chill work and the band kept a live feel alive through all of the recording by laying down the tracks in an ad-hoc studio set up in a surf shop no less besides getting brilliant help from producer Ty Segall. A sad note though: The limited edition vinyl part has been sold out. Even more of a reason to hear them live you agree.

The 11 compositions are electric and noir and high on life. Coming on like crashing waves and all pretty raw and chock-full of ear-mauling bass lines, growling keyboard forays, steamrolling drums and searing guitars are creating visions of engulfing oceans, dark obsessions and oppressive loneliness. Integrated freely into their work are influences by Japanese Eleki players that fit miraculously in concert with the band’s surf noir and alt-country roots. Thrown into this adventurous mix are elements of doo-wop inspired dance tunes as well.  The girls in the band, first up the leading light,
Shana Cleveland on guitar
Marian Li Pino on drums
Alice Sandahl on keyboards and
Lena Simon on bass

La Luz gloriously survived their collision with death. Let’s find out whether you’ll survive the collision with them.

el Lokal