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high-octane alt country/Americana/bluegrass/punk
Monday, 08.08.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Rackhouse Pilfer
They’re the quintessential rabblerousing bar band. Some wise guy called them the Sex Pistols on bluegrass instruments.

It all started at McGarrigle’s Bar in lovely Sligo on the West Coast of Ireland not too long ago. From an original brotherly duo, friends and acquaintances were added. There’s strength in numbers and their line-up grew to the current hard-driving sextet. Arriving at a stomping high-octane alt country/Americana/bluegrass/punk sonic distillation blasting at frenetic cadence on tons of explosive energy. When they’re fired up they don’t play every note to slick perfection, their sound’s raw and they fearlessly tread into the realm where sweat and heartblood are generously spilled.

 The band’s constantly gigging in numerous Irish festivals building grassroot support and loyalty all across the isle. This year Rackhouse Pilfer are on a tour crisscrossing  Europe as well. They’ve also pinballed between recording in Ireland, London and Nashville. Why Nashville? Who wouldn’t want to record there is the easy answer. In the hotbed of all things Americana they recorded their album «Love and Havoc» (2014) with the help of legendary producer Brad Jones who’s worked with Steve Earle, John Prine, John Hiatt a.o. Continuing the trend of engaging with the best, in London they were hired by another big-shot musical alchemist, the producer Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams a.o.). To play as the session band on two songs for Sir Tom Jones latest album from 2015, «Long Lost Suitcase». On both tracks – on «Honey, Honey» and the Stone’s cover «Factory Girl» - they performed with the Irish blues-jazz songstress Imelda May.

Tonight they’ll be at our rackhouse* by the silvery midsummernight Mississihl where good times,  great music and memories are storaged for eons to come.

 *A rackhouse is the locality where white oak barrels of fine whisky are storaged and aged from 4 and up to 9 years. Even folks who’re not Irish have been dreaming about pilfering.

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