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a voice that will melt your heart
Monday, 29.02.2016, 20:02
oh what a night...
Jesse Mac Cormack (CA)
The straightjacket that might constrain this multi-faceted musical talent from Montreal to just one creative activity hasn’t been tailored yet.

For openers, he’s also a movie director. And he’s been nurturing the development of others and in just the last three years he has allied himself with a long line of artists and producers like Emilie & Ogden, Melanie Boulay, Rosie Valand, TEA a.o. As a guitarist, vocalist and on keys, he was the key member of the Montreal band MAK. A group who’s been around since 2007 and who’s music has been described as a «blend of hybrid ambiances and refined musicality» that led to «the creation of an intense musical universe». Tagged as alternative rock electro experimental rock folk rock folktronica indie jazz rock. Most obvious influence: Radiohead.

Jesse’s first two solo EP’s are titled «Crush» and «Music for the Soul» both out in 2015 they’re available for your listening pleasure on iTunes. A selection of songs that are many things and definitely a prelude to exciting new work coming soon. For now get introduced to his tender and sometimes whispering voice that’ll melt down the frozen heart of the ice queen over at the bar. In thematic terms immerse yourself in songs that massage your soul and that won’t make you push the ‘no-bs please’ button. Honest, frugal to the level of minimalism, full of insights gathered thru extensive journeys physical and esoteric his songs intoxicate with healing power. Instrumentally, he layers synth and breathes life into his tunes with click-clack trip hop inspired rhythms.

Shades of the lost souls of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley will haunt our concrete vault tonight.
But folks, it’s Jesse Mac Cormack live. Just him and his voice and his guitar. And you. And no funny jacket.

el Lokal