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Heartwarming music for all our amici
Saturday, 30.01.2016, 20:02
oh what a night...
Vinicio Capossela (IT)
Isn’t it funny how life shakes out sometimes? Viktor Bänziger and Howe Gelb were invited by Vinicio Capossela for an event during the Theater Spektakel. Actually….

…the cantautore was participating with his band Banda della Poste and they were performing his work «Qu’Art De Siecle». Viktor decided to hold the fort but Howe went to see the show. And hallelujah! he came back not only with the entire band but the ladies from the show as well. And everybody sang and played all night long Italian-style until the early morning birds took over. Out of this fantastica notte came a collaboration Howe/Vinicio which featured the entire early Giant Sand band plus John Convertino and Joy Burns, both Calexico. (The album will be presented this coming fall at Kaufleuten. Be there.)

Vinicio Capossela was born 1965 in Hannover but grew up in the Emiglia Romana and is one of the best-known cantautore on the Italian music scene since his success with his debut «All’una E 35 Circa» (1990). The follow-up was «Modi» (1991) which provided most of the sound track for the 1992 Sergio Staino film «Non Chiarmi Omar» and which saw Vinicio take on an acting part as well.        

Significantly, every subsequent new disc showed new and different face of Vinicio Capossela. Like in the 1996 «Il Ballo di San Vinicio» in which the «Tom Waits of Italy» could be heard together with ex-member of the Lounge Lizards Evan Lurie and the sometime Waits guitarist Marc Ribot, a frequent collaborator with Vinicio over the years as well. He also penned a book, his first novel titled «None si muore tutte le Mattine» hit the shelfs in 2004 to immediate acclaim. 

Whether it’s polka, mambo, circus music, waltz, tango, tarantella, quadriglie, jazz, rembetika, blues, foxtrot and more of what the rainbow of world music has to offer, this true Renaissance man has done it all. It’s heartwarming music for all our amici who don’t have any ragazzi. Capisci?!

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