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Isola d’amore
Saturday, 12.12.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Lauter Amore
Turn on the waterworks. Our friends from the very fine Lauter Festival are benefitting us with an evening of romantic Italian song, music and melodies full of passion and amore. Molto bene!

20:20 Il Coccodrillo

The reputation of these three musicians from Zurich preceded them: They were invited to perform before they even wrote one single tune. Plus, they write their songs in German and then use Google Translate to convert it into Italian. Hey ascolta! if it sounds Italian it probably is…
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21:21 Jimmy Ragusa

You’ll need a shoulder to cry on for this one. It’s Jimmy Ragusa with that throaty voice and weeping guitar from Palermo, Sicily. He’ll delight and seduce you with the immortal melodies of Lucio Battisti, Fred Buscaglione, Mina and Fred Buongusto. About Jimmy they say «he’s got caffeine in his blood, tar in his voice and revolution in his heart.»

22:22 Povero Diavolo

Don’t feel sorry for him but that actually is the poor devil’s name. And he earned it the hard way rocking through bars and plazas between Trento and Torino. He’s now backed by a drummer and is going through the whole folk-rock songbook from heaven to hell and back. Accoustic but with an infernal flash of the electric, di sicuro, it’s the devil that makes him do it.
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23:23 DJ Fritto Misto

This young lady DJ is setting the final highlight for this night of passionate music from South of the border. She’ll spin her dearest Italian canzoni and hot-blooded disco tutte la notte until your heart sings these songs of passion and amore all on its own when very late you’re on your way home.


Millegrazie Lauter Amore.

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