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The gift that keeps on giving
Monday, 14.12.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Brian Lopez (USA)
If the eyes are the windows to the soul then with Brian Lopez it must be a lot of soul.

Off-hand, there’s something gentle and mellow about the vibe and music coming from this guy. Could be his falsetto voice, his gently insistent compositions and the heartbreaker looks to go along with it. Looks by T-Rex and voice by Jeff Buckley. An original on his own he’s also part of the inspirational melting pot Tucson music scene with Calexico and Giant Sands et al. In fact he’s had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians as diverse as Howe Gelb and KT Tunstall. 

Brian calls his music «retro-psychedelic chamber pop with some rattle snake». And snake bitten you might be once you are hooked into his mix of heartfelt texmex coro de angeles, bloody feet flamenco and southwest sweet Americana soul. His debut album was «Ultra» from 2011 which smoothly paved the road to his latest «Static Noise». It’s a work that demonstrates Brian’s tremendous vocal and guitar abilities. «I took my time with each song as to turn it into a jewel. The album had to be more forceful with more e-guitar and drums, more rock’n’roll.» Evidently we can’t say he didn’t get to where he wanted this thing to be. An array of 12 fine fantastic songs written over the course of two years with many more produced, narrowing the focus and painstakingly whittled down to the dozen chosen. 12 compositions that musically embody the splendor and gritty life in the desert presented with that lovin’ feeling. Written in a mix of the two languages indigenous to it. And wild at heart that would do a David Lynch movie proud.

It’s the eyes that have it. It’s the mind that made it. It’s the hands that play it. And ladies, it’s the looks that’ll kill you.

Gabriel Sullivan


In case it’s not pretty obvious by now, December is Giant Sand Month on the isle. That institution’s like a gift that keeps on giving. Tucson born Gabriel Sullivan and his guitar are the latest present who’s worked with Howe and Co., worked separately with other GSand musicians and not long ago co-founded (with Brian Lopez) a band of the Peruvian variation of psychedelic cumbia called chicha aptly named Chicha Dust. To him the beginning of the song writing process is like «starting out with a lump of clay on the table in front of you». Solo-wise his newest album is «Jvpiter», he recorded it with Thøger T. Lund  - ah ha, yes him - and other great Danes, - a-ha, yes The DeSoto Caucus - and with the help of Kickstarter who flew them to the remote true North of the Danish country side. The album’s a sizzler and it’s also a demonstration that a voice and guitar like his can easily generate the sonic power of a 10-heads band. For this true son of the desert a hot guitar and that raspy seductive voice of his on 10 smoky hot songs is all it takes. «Jvpiter», evidently titled after the giant planet of luck and expansion. Enough said. 

el Lokal