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Expect the fresh and the new
Sunday, 13.12.2015, 19:19
oh what a night...
Xylouris White (GR/AUS)
The newest album of this individually divergent duo is called «Goats» and was produced by Guy Piciotto of Fugazi. It invites us to discover nothing less than a powerful and astonishing collaborative cultural musical collision.

Take Greek George Xylouris. He’s the uncrowned king of the Cretan lute, nephew of the hugely popular singer Nikos «The Angel of Crete» and the son of Nikos of the same dynasty who’s himself master of the lyra and who was instrumental in pushing Greek folk way beyond its traditional boundaries. Like uncle father, like son - and then some. In an unusual twist, George’s using the lute as a lead instrument like the guitar, for instance, tremolo picking it and challenging traditional conformity.

Take Australian Jim White. Definitely a post-punk influenced drummer, and simply put one of the world’s best, he was co-founder with Warren Ellis and Mick Turner of the Dirty Three in the early 90’s. He’s also a much sought-after collaborator who’s worked with PJ Harvey, Will Oldham, Cat Power and Nick Cave. Jim’s been called «a magnificent, multi-faceted and sensitive drummer with the perfect mix of ferocity and finesse» by Pitchfork.

With these two, expect the fresh and the new. Moreover, when both musical powerhouses collide the sparks begin to fly, the goat is head-on charging on its way. The lute/drum symbiosis reflects both ancient worlds and is exploding into a whole new universe. Song after fine song, freely hopscotching from Indian, Middle Eastern, Klezmer, Eastern European to African sounds. It’s when the snare, the cymbal and the tom drum meet the lute in a probing, challenging and experimental way and grows into a virtuoso demonstration by two world-class musicians. In the hands of these masters it’s all miraculous like in a dream.

Be a part of it tonight at el Lokal. Where divergent musical worlds have always been colliding. And for the better of it.

el Lokal