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a little sensual sadness never felt this good.
Saturday, 24.10.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Suomi-Tango-Disko (FI)
«El Mago del Tango»Antonio Gardel’s grandchildren are alive and well and playing in – Finland?!

In 1913, Finnish sailors brought his passionate music and dance from the toxic harbor bars of Buenos Aires to the land of a thousand lakes, saunas and stoic humans. Where this exotic import spread like wildfire and became so popular that after a generation or so most Finns assumed that the tango was actually Finnish folk music that originated in their country… On that subject please check out Aki Kaurismaki’s «Midsummer Night’s Tango» (2013) on DVD. As you might expect, it’s a riot. Anyway, for musicologists, Finnish tango differs from the original version in that moll is replaced with dur – melodies descend rather than rise. But whereas in South America the baile was basically a performance art, the Finns adapted the fieriest of all dances into passionate rhythmic fun.

Uusikuu (New Moon) will bring that feverish passion to heat up our stage. Passion that alternates with heartfelt melancholia – the lows are contrasting the highs with equal fervor. They’re a Helsinki quintet around singer Laura Ryhaenen but well known far beyond the city limits. To keep themselves and their music honest and the original spirit of this art form alive they’ve collaborated with tangeros from Argentina like Marcello Nisnman and Fernando Miceli. Neither do they restrain themselves with self-imposed rules because their fine musicianship allows them to freely cross over into foxtrot, waltz, jazzy swing and rock and pop. All as long as it dances. Two perky albums «Hotelli Untola (2008) and Babylonia (2010) are proof of that and in the makes is an album celebrating Uusikuu’s 10th anniversary approaching next year.

When the band members were asked to come up with a single word to describe what tango meant to them it was Faith. Melancholia. Ruin. Wanderlust. Ecstasy. Feel what you feel when the dance of dances comes burning up our boards. But you’ll agree, a little sensual sadness never felt this good.

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