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Soothe the perils of life with love.
Monday, 12.10.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Rise & Fall of
Maximilian Hecker (DE)
«Well since my baby left me – I found a new place to dwell – it’s down at the end of lonely street – at Heartbreak Hotel. – You make me so lonely baby, I get so lonely I could die.» --- Elvis Presley

Good evening, heartache and welcome to the one-night stand at our own heartbreak hotel by one of today’s masterful artist of ethereal pop, or melancholy pop as he himself describes his music. He’ll introduce his latest album «Spellbound Scenes of My Cure». It’s a gripping travelogue in 10 precious songs. It touches exclusively on the exotic places he’s been and the encounters he’s had, places where he willingly or not lost and found himself again. It’s a no holds-barred musical tour-de-force, a tribute to the hopeful healing power of love. Mr. Hecker visually supports it with self-produced impressionist videos and with this device you can follow this hopeless romantic’s journey with him to places like Tokio, Seoul, Taipeh, Hong Kong, New York. Places where he’s performed numerous times and where he’s a household name. It’s a life that continuously oscillates between Europe and Asia, avoiding to be tied down anywhere.

He’s a solo artist that often collaborates with others and his instruments of choice are piano, guitar, drums and voice. Meandering through his songs are encounters with the objects of his desires, embraced or unattainable. From his world way beyond mere tear jerking you’ll hear this hopeless romantics’ intimate songs «To Liu Wen, the Opposite House, 3 a.m.» (Liu Wen is a Chinese fashion model): «Mask the anguish behindA radiant smile and disarming words – my mind a pile of shards – my limbs lazy – And all that I recall is a beauteous alcohol-deluded flash – when your sunlight laughter dulled my pain – Break these secrets of your triumph – pull the earth from under me – Suzie Wong’s foundered world – spellbound scene of my cure.» Hah.

Soothe the perils of life with love. Soothe the perils of love with more of it. Tonight, with the fragile and hopelessly incurable Mr. Maximilian Hecker at our own heartbreak hotel.

el Lokal