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Too loud for folk and to quiet for rock
Monday, 22.06.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Delaney Davidson (NZ)
Part man, part wheel. That’s what Delaney says about himself, his incessant touring and essentially his life.

The list of gigs while invading territories all by himself like Ireland, Brazil, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, Romania, Belgium, Holland, Russia, France, USA, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand where he was born in 1972, speaks for itself. Basically, he has turned homelessness into a successful form of perpetual musical vagabondism. Although he’s been tied to several bands on his long and winding road, like our beloved Dead Brothers, he’s been going it mainly alone, himself, his guitar, and his somewhat worse-for-the-wear suitcase. «It means I can move house in half an hour» he says. But it also means he’s got to sell himself all by himself, glad-handing etc., hitting those right notes. And with his boundless creativity he’s scored in other areas like in an exhibition of fresh and unpretentious paintings, regularly releases you-tube videos, has produced for Tami Neilson and lent his songs for film scores. And not least as an actor, bringing his infamous Dan Duryea scowl to the soporific noir-cotic production of the nightmarish «The Road to Nod» about a jailbird as he flutters straight to hell.

He doesn’t have to try too hard not to be superficially categorized. Because he’s a gipsy stylistically as you’ll be able to make out for yourself. If not, a hint: It’s music that’s too loud for folk and to quiet for rock, how about that? And it’s whisky-soaked to boot. Immortalized in six cd’s, currently hitting seven with 2015’s «Diamond Dozen». There were previous memorable titles like «Self Decapitation» (2010), «Bad Luck Man» (2011) and «Sad but True» (2014, vol. I, II, III). And songs like «You’re a Loser» which won the Country Song of the Year. Or Delaney coming in third at the London Saddest Song competition, songs that have been breaking even the devil’s heart. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest one-man show on earth is swerving into town once more. Delaney Davidson’s the kind of artist who depends on your perception to recognize that rare good idea in his art over any kind of slick production.

A rattling, twanging celebration – The Independent, UK
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