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Maria we love you!
Sunday, 19.04.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Maria Doyle Kennedy
& Kieran Kennedy (IRL)
«I’m going to sing a line and you’re just gonna fecking sing it back to me!» she commanded while taking center stage in all her glorious glory at the Irish Arts Center in New York City.

Brush up on your Irish – or simply having a few shots of Jameson’s will do – because Maria might just ask you for the same from high up on our lofty stage. Postpone singing back a line to her for a minute, The Sunday Times wrote about her 2012 album «Sing» that it features «more Appalachian folk than hillbilly boogie, more bluegrass than Western swing». And as much unbridled emotion as the Sunday gospel in a Harlem church, say we. And this in her own firm words about her 2014 live album «Maria Live»: «As much fun as albums like the infamously overdubbed Thin Lizzy classic «Live And Dangerous» are, I’ve always felt that a live record should remain as raw and untouched as possible». Ahhh, the fine art of leaving well enough alone.

If you’ve read the previous prologues about Mary’s and hubby Kieran’s concerts here at our place in this space and are sick of the repeats, go take a pill or jump to the end of this one. You’re also excused if you’re born yesterday or if you’re a fecking ignoramus. But. But MDK is also a composer, songwriter, theater artist, orchestrator and educator. And an accomplished, regal actress who knows a thing or two about stage presence. She could be enjoyed in high-end tv series productions like «Downtown Abbey», «The Tudors» and «Orphan Black» and on celluloid, who could forget her breakout role in «The Commitments», ever? More recent were her appearances in the delicious Neil Jordan vampire flick «Byzantium» and the Wachowski sibling’s «Jupiter Ascending». And she’s a Libra. And we absolutely love Libras.

«Ireland is rich in literature that understands a soul’s yearning and dancing that understands a happy heart.»(Margaret Jackson).

Open your heart and soul for an evening with the beautiful and incomparable Maria Doyle Kennedy. Because for sure you’ll just gonna wanna fecking sing that line back to her.

el Lokal