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«not to be missed!»
Sunday, 15.03.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Gemma Ray (ENG)
In short, GAmma rays are the most powerful form of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and are biologically hazardous to one’s health, i.e. they can kill. GEmma Ray is a British musician, singer, composer and producer and she’s quite lethal in her own inimitable ways.

A number of buttons have been affixed to her music, among them pop-noir, gothic folk and the curious sideways blues. A physically very attractive stage presence, Q Magazine was compelled to write about her music «…imagine Norah Jones on Amy Winehouse’s drugs…» - we’ll do our best - about this artist who currently makes her home in Berlin. Screw the scribes for once, Gemma’s one of the most unpredictable, puzzling and even confounding artists on the scene. For example, her collaboration with Alan ‹Suicide› Vega in 2014 gave us the limited edition picture disc «Death Disc». Then, after the very alive fantasy soundtrack «Down Baby Down» she came up with the 2014 stroke of genius «Milk For Your Motors». Get that and from the cd, you’ll also get a rush or two of adrenaline from all of the 13 great retro-pop songs that attracted names like Alan ‹Suicide› Vega, Toby Dammit  (Iggy Pop), Deke Leonard (The Man Band), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) and Fiona Brice (Placebo) and the grand Filmorchestra Babelsberg to be part of this album.

Musik Express wrote: «Gemma Ray with her lucky hand proves again that she can create wonderfully dramatic popsongs that are wrapped in a mystical and subdued and unpenetrable aura. For instance, among other revelations she’s learned from Lee Hazlewood is the insight about the presence of a dark underbelly in pop music and that it can be an integral stylistic part of it. Songs like «Buckle Up» and the measured and controlled retro-sound of «When I kissed You», a bittersweet ode to undying eternal love, are especially addictive.»

Or follow Jimmy Page’s advice, that GEmma’s «not to be missed!» But if that’s not possible for some obscure reason and you can’t catch her here at El Lokal, you’ll have another shot at her at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City in April.

Ned Collette
He studied modern composition, received a bachelor’s degree in improvised music and he put the music world on notice with his first band, the free-jazz outfit CityCityCity in down under Melbourne. Later, he turned his own world downside up by eventually settling in Berlin.


Ned’s a singer, instrumentalist and frontman who named his band Wirewalker in honor of that hairraising and goosebump madman and high-wire artist, Philippe Petit. His music could be understood conceptually and phonetically as a high-wire act in itself – it impresses and excels in taking lofty chances. Initially his lyrics were more confessionally oriented, a tack he later on abandoned for more observant storytelling.

When he’ll dock on our island he’ll be coming in fresh off a 7-gigs tour of cruising Spain this February on which he was on a bill together with Gemma Ray, like they’re complementing each other tonight. Gemma also guest-vocalized on his second album which he named «2» in his customary spartan manner. (They’re both signed with Bronze Rat Records). Previously he has shared the stage with Joanna Newson, The National, St.Vincent, Kurt Vile and Deerhoof.

Ned Collette is a master of the frugal arrangements and the slim diet-down songs and his work freely zigzags back and forth from Pink Floyd to Robert Wyatt to Brian Eno to Kraftwerk and Joni Mitchell. His current album is «Networking in Purgatory» from last year. To combat burnout after its completion he went into the Australian bush «with the screeching, wheeling cockatoos» as he put it. Afterwards, he returned home for a nice reception for an album «that’s very good, even exceptional» according to The Quietus, a new London based rock music and pop culture website (a site we can wholeheartedly recommend).

Ned Collette is a cool customer and his voice can silence a crowd. In fact, he’s so cool he will make your heartblood boil.

«I don’t say this lightly, but Ned Collette is clearly a genius» – Drum.

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