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Album launch
Saturday, 17.01.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Tilia (CH)
Afterparty mit DJ Oliver van den Miescher

Tilia is the Latin name for the Linden tree and it’s also the stage name for the young Swiss musician Daniela Hallauer, who sings and plays guitar and piano.

Her songs are as luminous as the goldengreen leafs of that tree when the sun peeks through and as adventurous as its flower when it twirls off the tree like freeflying, rotating helicopter blades when the time is right. Her songs stay in your ears like the wind that gets caught in the crown of the Tilia and they’re immensely appealing in their skillful presentation and sweet innocence. Maybe it’s because they remind you of a time when that was still a part inside of you. But beware just a tad because in the song «Stereotypes» she slyly intones «lets all be stereotypes / of young and virgin lovers / without a burdened past», hah! yeah! lets! 

Tilia/Daniela’s first, or virgin EP was titled «Carminis», possibly named after that small and very beautiful ancient church in Venice; it is simply a beautiful acoustic work and left a distinct and promising impression. Fact is, it was named «Aargau Album of the Year of 2009». Ok, but like a Linden tree in the spring, this fine artist has been showing steady growth and increased foliage and bloom and in December 2014, she released her much awaited first album, «focus».

And tonight were pleased to announce its launch. «focus» presents 11 folksy pop songs and distinguishes itself also by Daniela’s experimentation with tonal ideas and the careful addition of electronic sound snippets for a fresh new focus.

A beautiful woman, her soft, fine voice and a guitar and a piano in the light of our stage – what else is there on earth more pretty? Oh, and we do like that photo on her Facebook page of the mischievous kitten that looks like it’s licking the guitar.

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