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Truly unique and absolutely brilliant.
Sunday, 26.10.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Tom Freund (USA)
If Ben Harper says about his friend Tom that Tom’s the best musician he knows, he’s not blowing hot air, it’s firsthand. And it’s why he seriously means it.

Tom Freund’s a singer/songwriter and multinstrumentalist and indeed, the two friends joined horses and together created that notorious album with the rather ominous title «Pleasure & Pain» in 1992. Harper then rode off to worldwide fame whereas Freund coined himself a niche from which he promptly torpedoed us with his masterpiece «Collapsible Plans» (2008). Ben produced, Jackson Browne played the piano and the master also lent his voice to several songs. Songs that are spotlighted by a light, magical touch, deep running lyrics and gutsy melodies veering towards folk and boho jazz, heavy dripping pop and straight-up rock’n’roll.

In 2011 he stopped by at the nearby Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne where he famously dished out equal amounts of intense pleasure and lovely pain by solo hitting the guitar, ukulele, piano and bass, inflicting ecstasy all around the house.

His latest album is «Two Moons» and it’s another milestone in a very varied and extensive body of work. None other than Graham Parker said about the album that «Every song runs shivers down my back. Together with Lucinda Williams, Tom’s got to be the best singer/songwriter around.»  ‘nouf said, folks. Please stop by and feel your own shivers.


Every year the mounting landfill of new releases that threatens to bury the working music journalists yields a few unexpected gems, and Tom Freund is one  of them.» - NEW YORK TIMES

«If Tom Petty and Nick Drake had a love child.»  - BLOGCRITICS.COM

«Tom Freund is indeed one of the great singer-songwriters. He constructs a unique world, defines it, and then burns it to the ground. Truly unique and absolutely brilliant.» - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

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