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The desert is alive.
Monday, 27.10.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Tamikrest (ML)
To the Tuareg, tamasheq is their language and its meaning translates as unity&knot&connection. The members of this band got together from Mali, Niger and Algeria with the sole purpose to search for their own musical identity. They sure have found it.

«The desert harbors us, the language unites us, the culture connects us.» It was their intense and hypnotic melodies, not to mention their visual appearance, that was at the core of a memorable evening in our oasis of worldmusic in 2010. Also on the bill was Dirtmusic – it was dirty ole’ rock’n’roll colliding with the future of tamasheq blues. Prior to that memorable night, dirtmusician Chris Eckman had already produced Tamikrest’s first album «Adagh» in 2008. Much has been flowing down the Niger river since then and the disastrous crisis in Mali isn’t over by a longshot. Nevertheless in 2013, produced by Chris as well, out came «Chatma». It means «sister» and it’s a tribute to the woman of the Tuareg and musically, you can hear influences like reggae dub, desert blues and even a hommage to early Pink Floyd.

Leader Ousmane Ag Mossa has brought the female singer Wonou Walet Sidati into the group and it has now left conventional desert blues behind it in the desert. Tamikrest songs are engaged songs, they protest the miserable living conditions of the Tuareg today while celebrating their existential home. In the sound of the Tamikrest, the desert lives. Always.


The album reflects calm observations, moral outrage together with musical experimentation,  a celebration of their culture and the kick that comes with rock’n’roll. -

«Chatma» is a declaration of love to feminine nature which, without violence but instead with courage and sacrifice, created an image for what a peaceful society should be. Utopian thoughts in a time when hate and war are rampaging through the Sahara». -

Amid the usual off-kilter desert rhythms are innovations ranging from practically ambient interludes to acoustic ballads. - Financial Times
el Lokal