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Caribbean trash folk
Monday, 04.08.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
G. Rag y los
Hermanos Patchekos (DE)
Lift your eye patches and listen up mates, this is coming straight from the captain’s log: «…The mothership is about to anchor once again in the river harbour, with all aboard and it’s with its complete, hijinks motley crew, including an exile-Swiss sea bear, a smutje from New Zealand and a filou from France».

And because the hazardous journey has been and is generously rocketfueled with the most potent rum any barrel could offer, you’re in for quite a show, sailors and sailorettes. And call these guys buccaneros, musically or otherwise (lock up your daughters, will’ya). Anyways, and without much saber rattling, let it be known that this gut-feel-good crew that’s been sailing the treacherous high seas of the European music biz since 1999, is still under the spell of the old mantra ARTISTICALLY MAVERICK. BIZ INDEPENDENT. Ergo: ECONOMICALLY DISASTROUS.

Yet 15 years of miraculous existence, 6 albums and over 170 live shows defy any conventional accounting. And so does their music – CARIBBEAN TRASH FOLK  it says on the flag flying high above their floating bathtub.

And so, you jolly mollusks, here it is, without any further seaman’s yarn, their current lineup, all under the stern command of captain G.Rag:

Senor G.Rag – vocals, guitar, harmonica
– drum beat, beats drums, Karate Joey – bass, vocals
Jose The Black Rider
– guitar, vocals, slide guitar, harmonica, accordion
DJ Ernesto
– vocals, guitar, percussion, Monsieur Philippe – accordion
Die Sau
– trumpet, fluegelhorn, tuba, melodica
– trumpet, fluegelhorn, melodica, Glapperl – trumpet, fluegelhorn
– percussion, The Doc – steeldrum percussion,
Toni Triola
– clarinet, melodica, Monsieur Uebi – accordion, and, not in the least, sound: Nobsle, Olli, Tobster, Historian: Hagen Keller/Tale of Years, Alumni: Nicoletta D.

And, sailors and sailorettes, let’s not lose overboard their latest CD «Pain Perdu», cobbled together and recorded in cutting edge style, as you’d expect from this cutthroat music crew. Walk the planks to the island for a memorable night under the near-Caribbean, starry sky, yer drunk sea goats in need of a drink and sick for the sea. And may the winds always fill your sails and the blue moon shine in your face.
el Lokal