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Friday, 27.06.2014, 21:21
oh what a night...
Luke Winslow King
& Esther Rose

Pausentee: DJ Rasputin
+ Der Reiseführer (USA)
«A boiled-down live, almost improvised, sound that seamlessly melds Delta blues, gospel and jazz themes with personal, simplified lyrics that speak to his personal and artistic evolution. It also makes for one heck of a road trip companion.» - The New York Times

After touring with Jack White, Taj Mahal, Buckwheat Zydeco, Tower of Power et al, The King’s back and long live The King! And with any luck and even better timing you might’ve heard and saw him reign at last years stop-over on our worldcultural patch on the thundering Mississihl, and so it’s going to be deja vue all over again.

If not, here’s your chance to make up for that mighty ozone hole in your musical education. «Cool Hand» Luke Winslow, who currently lives in New Orleans and with his lyrics, voice, presentation and fine guitar, nonchalant and seemingly without much effort, mixes classical, gospel, jazz and rock elements and influences into one unique kind of spicey musical jambalaya. Listen to his third album «The Coming Tide» and you’ll hear what we’re talking about, dark premonitions aside. Remarkable, how he miraculously integrates traditional and today’s sounds from the Big Easy into a cool, twangy feeling all his own. And it’s not lacking in power either, what with the contributions by voice, organ, accoustic bass, trumpet and various wind instruments and the wondrous talent of the inimitable washboard virtuoso and vocalist Esther Rose, who’s also complementing him in tonite’s show.

Oh lawdy – it just could be the rebirth of the cool. So stop by and bend an elbow with us. Because, one of the finer aspects of imbibing is you can’t do it online. (And pass the olives, will’ya?)


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