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un azul muy intenso
Sunday, 13.10.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Depedro (ES)
The Calexico Guitarrero Jairo Zavala aka Depedro just issued his third solo album with the title «La Increible Historia de un Hombre Bueno».
And because he is a good and a multi-faceted guy, it explains why he was able to attract the participation of big shots like Joey Burns, John Convertino from Calexico and Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen of Fela Kuti, Damon Albarn and Psyco On Da Bus fame for the recording of it.

With this newest work, Jairo created a musical world trip which at every stop soaked up local rhythms and customs after the motto «Think global - act local» (and play play El Lokal). Born in Spain, he's a hungry Rock'n'Roll animal who knows every corner of his homeland and it's where he formed his band Vacazu. Then it was a few years with Amparanoia until he joined Calexico. He became known as the catalyst of a mixed breed type of worldmusic, an interpreter of the sounds of the street, Spirituals, African sounds, Blues, Reggae, Rumba and Son as well as the Cumbia standard «El Pecador». To all this he freely added and melted together the fresh and cocky sounds of Mexico, Arizona, Spain and Brasil where he recently worked for several weeks with kids from the favelas.
«Every kind of Root music is of interest to me. Latinamerican songwriters, Peruvian Black music, African artists like Orchesta Baobab, the Konte family of Senegal, Flamenco singers, all possible kinds of Indie singers.» They and their music have a place in my corner. I simply don’t like to eat the same thing every day.»
Pointedly, the FAZ called his art «Music that moves borders.» And adds «Jairo is a charming guy with a charming grin and penetrating eyes and he presents himself as the Texmex musician with an equal  preference for Rockabilly and other styles nearby. His excellent band works with a wide array of instruments and with his sleeper hit «La Memoria», he got the whole floor dancing.» El hombre bueno Jairo Zavala Depedro will make «La Memoria» forever dance in your mind if that thing is awake enough to let in.
el Lokal