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Sunday, 06.02.2022, 18:18
Admission: 5.-
Giigestubete & Jodlerei
Rousing Swiss folk, now on the double. Live and luepfig, as in uplifting, at Chalet El Lokal.

Giigestubete and Jodlerei are two Swiss folk bands that have performed here so many times individually they’re practically part of our inventory. And because of their longstanding invitation to all of you who have the instruments, chops, and pipes (more or less) to play with them, they’ve also might have created the longest-running jam session Zwinglitown has ever known. Would you mind spreading the word?

(loosely Fiddle Lounge) is the brainchild of the longtime winning combo, the beautiful mistress of the fiddle, Eva Wey and the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Dide Marfurt. The duo’s mission is the «Revitalization and Cultivation» of Swiss Fiddle Music. Revitalizing what is essentially a traditional dance genre called Laendler by smartly integrating folk, rock, and even improvisational touches. And in the process revitalizing you. For instance, there’s this uninhibited dance called Brienzer Hueftschwung (Brienzer hipswinger). So get to it but please follow the instructions which are described here in juicy detail: «In the original  Brienzer Hueftschwung the lead dancer puts his or her hand on the belt and then progresses to the butt of the dancer, then pivots to the right and reaches with his or her left arm over the shoulder or the neck of the partner and on to the butt again. Simultaneously he or she will hook their left leg around the partner’s right leg, spread and lift the leg upward and throw him or her forcefully head over heels on their back. The same movement is also possible in reverse.» Voila. Alpine Kamasutra anyone?

The Swiss are taking their yodeling very seriously. To the point that there’s now a course at the University of Lucerne where they teach the intricacies of this unique Swiss Roots vocalization. It’s a demanding art form which has been summarized in the deceptively simple statement «a form of singing marked by rapid alternation between normal voice and falsetto». Yeah right. Yodelers sing solo or are instrumentally supported by the Schwyzeroergeli (accordion) and the upright bass. The well-temperate Klavier (piano), Zimbal (cimbalom), a plucking instrument common in Eastern Europe and with the Romani, are sometimes brought into play as well as is the venerable Tuba. The ladies conducting the yodeling sessions, fantastic yodelers on their own, are alternatively Christine Lauterburg & Barbara Berger, Natalie Huber & Flavia Vasella and Cornelia Mayer & Claudia Frank. And they’re inviting you to bring your instruments to doodle with while they yodel. Or they teach you how you can get your yodels out, better than at any university.

Giigestubete & Jodlerei, live at El Lokal. Where the world meets to listen to Swiss folk.

el Lokal