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Saturday, 10.11.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Dr. Will & The Wizards (DE)
The guy's a cult all of his own. And with a visage like the thespian bad boy Steve Buscemi, he'll stay in your memory for some time, long after the curtain has dropped.
And what with his red suit and top hat he could be a snake charmer or faith healer jumping straight at you from one of those old Western road shows - Tarantino masquerading as Shakespeare, that's him. Weltbedeutungsplanken. Und verwandeln unsere Heiligen Inselhallen in einen brodelnden Hexenkessel. He presents an authentic blockbuster show though, because he's for real and of flesh and blood, never mind his shaman antics. You see, something ails you he'll cure it and sinister appearances will be banned from your aura forever. And as soon as he hits our stage, the spectacle's on and you'll be in the red eye of the storm, come hell and high water and all you can do is gyrate in front of our red hot stage. Because musically, Dr. Will is one of the more unique blues artists gigging around Europe. A great writer and composer, he's a colorful, iridescent bird of paradise fronting a tight and, of course, eccentric band, God have mercy on us. Not surprisingly, he's been asked to join friends like Al Jones, Spider Murphy Gang, Cajun Roosters or Ludwig Seuss, be it for their own concerts or their recordings.
This white Screamin' Jay Hawkins and his seductive voice will agitate your black soul and then leave it scrubbed clean for eternity. A shot of Tom Waits, a pinch of Dr. John, a tad of Captain Beefheart and a shitload of showbiz humor will make you swallow his particular kind of medicine. Medicine that goes down as easy as New Orleans blues, roots music, rock but add a fistful of unique Bavarian lunacy.
And he loves to tear down musical conventions:
«Loops and percussion open up new sound perspectives, it's interesting to get a groove going without the snare dominating end to end.
Like in my previous work, I've tried to figure out the best way for the instruments to carry the mood of the song and it never entered my mind
whether «Dirt» could be translated into a live presentation. It's simply a studio album.» It's his latest work and he adds: «Dirt plays a big part in life and in the arts. It can add vitality like when discordant sounds are part of a song, like an unclean buzzing or groaning of the amps. Long live dirt: Kids like to play with it, we all wind up in it - unless you prefer a burial at sea. «Dirt» is my most emotional album. Despite its irony and twinkling eye, it has intimate and thoughtful passages. Besides, this time I paid special attention to its melodic qualities, for instance by opening up to instrumentalisation and the mixing of stiles. Still, it relates to «Itching Again» and «Speak Of The Devil», forming a kind of a trilogy. Which is why the album ends with a song about Sally and Walter, the main characters from «Speak Of The Devil».»
Yeah, speaking of him, you ready to swallow his medicine? Open your mouth and ears and y'all deserve a colorful paradise bird feather in your cap.

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