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Saturday, 24.09.2011, 21Uhr21
oh what a night...
Shotgun Party (USA)
they know how to fire up a crowd — Don’t miss ’em!
Our neighbors to the North are not used to beeing swept by a tornado in their neck of the woods, certainly not by the kind that came rolling in from Texas, back in 2010. But that's what happened, when the Shotgun Party trio swept through many cities, surprising everybody, including the critics, and giving the holy shakes to many listeners and leaving passed out bodies behind in purgatory. (Was the devil riding shotgun?)
Be that as it may, their unique brew of jazzy western swing, classic rockabilly, heartbraking country and all-out contemporary pop, amalgamated into a unique, seductive sound, surely did a number on the teutonic psyche upstairs and everywhere else below, that we're sure of. (Good news travels fast...) Austin, Texas, to this day, is an esteemed cultural hub where over time- going way back to the Fourties and before - styles as divergent as jazzy folk, big band sound from the popular dance halls, cowboy songs lamenting the far horizon, just to name few, came together.
Which is precisely where our Shotgun Party is hailing from, artistically and otherwise. Calling themselves, with no false modesty, the premier new western swingers.
Their second album, «Mean Old Way» (2009) lit their own fire under these well known musical styles and will surely light a fire under that ass of yours as well.
That's because the cowgirl of all cowgirls, Jenny Parrott, their singer/songwriter, dressed to kill and blessed with georgous vocals, has been turning out witty, addictive songs, that will simply break your heart and turn your blood to syrup.
Helping things along quite nicely are virtuoso and jubilant violin solos by Kati Rose Cox and the indominatible Andrew Austin Peters on contra bass, using it both as a melody and rhythm instrument, like there's not going to be a new dawn.
You'll go down on your knees and thank a higher power for getting you to the venerable El Lokal, right there on the island in the lovely Mississihl.
Now that you know where we're located, giddy up and get going by simply following the Texas 2-step:
1), saddle up your mule, check your guns at the door, step up and have a few and 2), stay until the cows come home, you mayhem starved and snobby souls.
And let the devil ride shotgun with you.
el Lokal