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Monday, 21.05.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Rich Hopkins
& Luminarios (USA)
It all sounds like he rediscovered his cosmic power to delight and enlight, the stuff is garage-y, psychedelic and feedback crazy, and is more than merely the past revisited.
The godfather of Desert Rock is back in Zwinglitown. Ever since 1992, The Luminarios have delighted, enlightened and surprised us in various member
formations of three, four or five. But whether like that or in loosely put together
sessions with musician buddies, it's always been nothing but a true original Rich Hopkins' thing. To be sure, that's as far as The Luminarios go, others of his
numerous projects and collaboations have been with Sidewinders, Sand Rubies,
Underbelly, Woodcocks and many others. So, now just looking at the 'Desert Rock Institution', the current great "Buried Treasure" is already the 14th album
springing from that unquenchable source. (A notable exception is the 2008
honeymoon epic "Loveland", with partner Lisa Novak). In short: All High Volume
Sound. It's quite astonishing how Rich manages to continually re-invent himself
and lustfully attack, as always. "Buried Treasure" deals with sometimes
inconvenient everyday themes and truths of the American Southwest. But most
importantly, we get to experience a traditional storytelling culture, a musical
landscape unlike any other, populated by many an unlikely character. Possibly
Rich and The Luminario's musically most straightforward, pure rocking, electric
work since "Lichtjahren". It all sounds like he rediscovered his cosmic power to
delight and enlight, the stuff is garage-y, psychedelic and feedback crazy, and is
more than merely the past revisited. With this much ballistic sonic quality, Rich
Hopkins and his legendary Luminarios will once again attempt to change the hard and parched patch that's your soul into a desert of the sunstreaked, luminous bloom. Hey, please, just let them in.

Richard Buckner
A voice like a howling husky on fish bone withdrawl, strange unorthodox
phrasing, wonderous melodies sweeping in from nowhere, fading away into where they came from.
Lyrical intensity together with a break from traditional patterns is what distinguishes Richard Bruckner's tight, abstract and fragmented sound
constructions. Richard lives in San Francisco and is an exceptional, in the literal
sense, singer/songwriter. He's hard to define (lucky him!), but if need be, his
unique style veers more towards alternative rock than anything else. His life so far defies common definition also: Nothing ventured, nothing gained but the kid's a little like a youthful Don Quijote: He wrote the music for a film that never got to see the light of day. At another time, he had the misfortune of beeing
intensively questioned about a murder he had not even remotely anything to
do with. His current album "Our Blood", too, wasn't to be produced without its own peculiar hard-luck side story: The laptop that had all the mixes for the new songs stored on it, including work he did with pedal steel boss Buddy Cage and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelly, was, you guessed it, stolen. But if man is the sum of his experiences, the kid's way ahead of many of us. The only sure thing about luck, good or bad, is that it will change. Sure enough, Richard's up and back with some great music, surely changing his on his own. And we are extremely lucky to have him.
el Lokal