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Tuesday, 10.04.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Billy Harvey (USA)
Billy Harvey from L.A. most definitely created his unique own sound (among a plethora of other, should we say, achievements). His sound, if it's necessary, could be labelled Alternative-Psychobilly-Postmodern-Idol Billy-Pop.
In addition, he's produced for folks like Charlie Mars, Bob Schneider, Slaid Claves, Steve Poltz. In addition, he received the International Songwriters Award for his piece «Frozen Through» (perhaps based on personal experience) in the category Best Rock Song. In addition, his fine current album «Bearsick» catapulted his name with a loud burp smack on and into the CMJ charts.
In addition, the multi talent Billy Harvey animates his videos himself. In addition, he shot his doc film «Everywhere Now» with his own laptop camera and has been showing it all along his 7000 miles long tour. Which, by the way, he undertook in his ethanol driven Mercedes Benz («Oh lord, won't you buy me that kind of....), once floating it across the Continental Divide atop a big enough slab of ice; at another point, stopping for a close and necessary examination of an oil drum garbage container by the side of the road (Frozen dinners everyone?), while freezing his ass off. Q & A: How did he turn the light on in the morning? By opening the car door.
A trip through heaven and hell, a hellbent journey of self discovery and physical denial, if there ever was. That's our Renaissance man and you can meet and listen to him in our house of musical worship, which we're happy to call his house for the night. In addition, his other home, where he lives and works, could surely be called The Great Fantastic Paper House Networking Home. Please visit him at It's definitely a pad that doesn't grow on every tree...There, he proudly shows us biographical Polaroid snippets, points to his four albums that got gold and platinum awards, which are posted on the walls of his cardboard living room. In addition, it's also where he doesn't hesitate to present a private screening of his movies, flickering across a paper screen. In addition, he'll indoctrinate and raise your awareness with written signs of wisdom like «Rock is Dead. Long live Paper.»
But make no mistake, this funny bird from the City of many different-winged Angels is no papier-mâché figure or cardboard cut-out.
Above all, this guy is a multitalented and superb musician/songwriter.
We invite you to catch him before he flies our coop.
el Lokal