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Strange Mercy
Tuesday, 29.11.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
St. Vincent
+ Cate Le Bon (USA)
! S O L D O U T !

Oh Annie. Here's some of the nice stuff Jessica Hopper wrote about you in a very recent article in New York's Village Voice (as if you didn't know).
«Annie Clark is too perfect a rock star, but she will do. She has the china doll features of a pop star, put together and glamourous. For all her effort, she looks effortless. She's delicate and refined. She's beautiful, and you can tell she's used to beeing looked at and watched, as if she has been famous long before now.»
«Clark's third record  Strange Mercy, is her best and most pop album. The signs of her success are ample. For one thing, Mercy sold 20'000 copies in the first week of release.»
(Her second album) «Actor», purportedly a tribute to her favourite films, resulted in Clark's rhapsodizing over Woody Allen's work as much as explaining her own. She says of her progress as a songwriter since: «I care less about impressing. Well...maybe. It's no longer about trying to impress people with my wit.»
... «Strange Mercy» is beeing called «candid»…, there are songs here that are very actually candid. But I won't say which those are.»
«Much has been made about the album's closer «Chloe in the Afternoon», somewhere between «Afternoon Delight» and Anais Nin, lyrically, it depicts soft sadism in a hotel room with a girl...
....It's not that I should have called the record «Get down to Fucking», she laughs, «I think people focus on something like that because it's titillating.»
(Yes, we do, Annie)
«She understands the machinations of fame, of why her audience loves her; she's careful but solicitous enough with the press that pokes at her. "I have one answer for you if the tape record is on, and another when it's off...that's my answer there.»
«To be a rock star,  a real rock star achieved and bona fide, involves more than just charisma, or good songs, or talent (talent usually least of all). One must be a capable player and have an appealing image - and perhaps most of all, a clear confidence that one deserves to be in front of an audience.» In that regard, Annie Clark is a natural-born rock star; she just happens to be working below the arena radar. She doesn't disagree: «There are plenty of things I'm not confident about, but this I can do.»

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