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France's oldest «boy band»
Sunday, 06.11.2011, 8:20 pm
oh what a night...
Bratsch (FR)

Gustav Mahler said that «Tradition is the passing on of fire, not the beatification of the ash», and Bratsch with their music hits this proverbial nail on the head.
They've blessed us before with their unforgettable presence, and hours of it. After their hit album «Plein du Monde» which featured friends like Khaled, Lhasa, Olivia Ruiz and Charles Aznavour, together with France's oldest «boy band», they're coming back at us with «Urban Bratsch» as their live program as well as with the beautiful new album of the same name (world/village/Harmonia Mundi).
Once again concentrating on their trademark, which could be called «internationalimaginational folklore», it's their custom to play a program live for a whole year before giving birth to an album.
This kind of unique approach has more than proven itself in the band's 30-year existence. Who else but our worldmusic troubadours can, in this masterful way, create this kind of ambiance while playing with «measured virtuosity», allowing and inspiring you to dream of a better world.
«Urban Bratsch live» is about multi-layered world- and time travels through cities, real and unreal and the suburbs and exburbs of our aching planet. Tristbeautiful ballads, heartbreaking lovesongs, and then suddenly even erruptions of humour.
Their cities have names, faces, smells, colors, lights, places and displaces. Names like the black city, the city of the seven hills, the golden city, the city of the thousand bells, the blue city, the Zwinglizwing- zwang city, the white city, the pink city. With their unique sounds, idioms, codes and traditions like rembetiko, fado, tango, gipsy, balkan, klezmer, chanson, musette, cancan, gospel, blues, jazz, sidewalk mixtures and improvisations. And their dream cities they'll be playing about and guiding us through are Odessa, Thessaloniki, Marseille, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Utopia andand...and you'll feel like pulsating city air can set you free, even when she's smoggy.
And not to forget the suburbs, often the energy center of a city, even its heart. So we're dedicating our evening of song to those suburbs of our imagination, real or unreal. Including their ports and rivers (holymoly deepblue Mississihl!)
Boundaries breaking music that never forgets its roots. Gustav Mahler said that «Tradition is the passing on of fire, not the beatification of the ash», and Bratsch with their music hits this proverbial nail on the head. They're sensational breathing life into their work; old becomes new, new turns old, now is here, and here continues on to eternity. Fitting in perfectly is their new and stimulating bass player, Theo Girard, son of the Bratsch Paganini, Bruno Girard. As always, masters like Francois Castiello, Nano Peylet and and Dan Gharibian complete this particular picture.
And now with us for a one-night stop at El Lokal, the breathtaking «Urban Bratsch» trip keeps rolling on. It'll be tough for you that night to miss all of it while vegetating at home, let's say. So join all of us ultimate islanders who bet you'll enjoy yourself and we're sure you'll be happy to dream with us of a better world.
A piece of advice is for you to get your tickets early - enough said. That's because our legendary stage has always provided legendary support and inspiration to these global-urban-balkan-blues-brothers. And if that wasn't inspiring enough for you, here's another incentive: If you're not happy with the show after 30 minutes, we'll refund you your money and send you back to bed. Where you belong.
el Lokal