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el Museo lokal

Team el Lokal 2010


Buddha said it, yep. But if you decide to step outside your own shadow for a night or two or more in the lovely city of Zurich, consider visiting us at the el Lokal.
We're situated a short walk close to the main train station, the SBB Hauptbahnhof, in the center of town.
You'll actually find yourself on an island, stretched out between the rivers of the Schanzengraben (someone once saw a trout in there) and the Blaue Sihl.
Her majesty maybe a little stingy with the water most of the year, except for early spring. That's when icewaters from the melting snow from the not too distant Alps come shooting down with a torrential, gurgling, thunderous sound. A spectacle,  that may have influenced the kind of live music we showcase here at el Lokal:
Often hailing from the far reaches of the globe and heavily tilting towards anglophile tastes, these are sounds and styles for which the expression 'eclectic' seems to have been specifically created. Resulting in gigs that have had a life way beyond their original date.
Artists that have found their way to our stage included Taj Mahal, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Cat Power, Mike Watt, Greg Brown, The Mekons, Howe Gelb & Giant Sand and many others.
So, come on in and pay us a visit. Step up to the bar and in between the red and yellow flags ( the bar person will tell you why), eye the el locals, strike up a conversation, begin the beginning of a beautiful friendship. No, Bogey, Ingrid and Claude won't be here, but their spirit is.
Then, and once you're sufficiently oiled by our selection of libations and other potent potables - and since you can't eat even great  atmosphere - sample some of the culinary goodies floating from our kitchen.
Because, well, hey, here you are, so please enjoy yourself. For Buddha's sake!

el Lokal. World's last Island beside the river Sihl.
Your home away from home.
el Lokal