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Monday, 27.04.2020, 20:20
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Nadia Reid
The Kiwi singer-songwriter and guitarist who’s most at home when she’s on the road.

The regal lady’s third studio album «Out of My Province» emphasizes her love for being on the road and the inspirations she takes from it. «I felt inspired while I was moving and playing most nights. I really felt alive and useful». Moreover «If I connect with a person, I’ll remember that more than a historic building or view.»

Moving on equals growth for this enlightened artist. The album «Out of My Province», featuring the gorgeous single «Best Thing», is about getting out of her comfort zone, gutsy leaving behind the traps of status quo «to that place of newness where all the good stuff happens». Her favorite artists are Rufus Wainwright and Joni Mitchell and when Ben Baldwin, who co-owns Spacebomb Records, caught her act at the Green Man Festival in Brecon Beacon, Wales her road to well-deserved recognition got a little smoother. For her new album producer Traci Pollard arranged strings, horns and piano and aside from legendary, solid-as-rock guitarist Sam Taylor, participating artist on the album are Cameron Ralston e- and upright bass; Brian Wolfe drums and Daniel Clarke organ, piano, keys. The song «Best Thing» recalls PJ Harvey’s tender moments, highlights also are the modern romance «All of My Love» (written after one of those New Year’s eve’s) and the waltzy, cruising ballad «High & Lonely», heavy on the soaring strings. Btw, Nadia titled «Out of My Province» after an answer by the great New Zealand writer Janet Frame to the question «Are you one of the 20th century’s greatest writers?» with «That’s out of my province».

Nadia Reid is that elegant gypsy from down under and tonight’s your night to connect. Before she’s going back home on the road.

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