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The one and only Death Blues Funeral String Trash Orchestra
Monday, 29.09.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Dead Brothers (CH)
THE DEAD BROTHER WAS HACKED! could’ve been the tabloids screaming, but it wasn’t nearly as bloody as that.

Alain Croubalian was safely on the train to Lausanne when some clown was sending an e-mail, supposedly by him, to us! saying that the band was held at ransom! by an Ukranian hotel! no less, because of an unpaid bill for the paltry sum of 2’450 Euros (no Rubels accepted) which didn’t even cover the bar bill but which was anyways needed to secure not only their release but also their long awaited gig by us. The joker thought he knew where there is bling, which could be mistaken as a sign of intelligence right there, but at the end of the day? – nice try, but no cigar, chump, claro que si, go fuck yourself.

The DB’s are the band that once claimed the title THE ONLY REAL HEAVY METAL BAND cuz, at one time, they featured 9 heavy pumping tubas to get that famous «Bo Diddley Beat». They could call themselves The Revolving Doors because in something like 20 years, something like 30 musicians have come and left thru theirs. In 2008, after four full lenghth albums they decided to disband but immediately regrouped and started working on their fifth. Further accolades by loyal fans, poetic scribes and merciless critics? A folk guitar symphony orchestra – Friedrich Nietzsche’s favourite rock band – dark deep soul dead bluesers – hard schnappsers with decaying mental landscapes – fellaheen flaneurs – conman chansonniers – Swiss psycho folklore interpretators high on ayahuasca – a poisonous yet intimate sound - the deadliest funeral live band ever.

Presenting the latest, deadliest and no 6 album «Black Moose», maybe a bandmember kissed one on the fat lips while vacationing in the Great North, and now you should know at least soso what to expect from the most famous funeral rockin’ fun band alive. And this is their current line-up which includes the founder and the indispensable
Alain Croubalian (vocals, guitar, banjo), joined by
Matthias Lincke (violin, mandoline, backup vocals)
Dide Marfurt (strings, harmonium keyboard, percussion) and
Leon Schaetti (tuba) and
Resli Burli (strings, percussion, and more…) 

Say, you haven’t been able to hack it to see the great DB’s, brothers and sisters? Now’s the time. Do it. Before your dead. And remember Yogi Berra’s immortal words: Never not go to a friend’s funeral otherwise he’s not gonna come to yours.                         
el Lokal