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Saturday, 15.02.2020, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Dead Brothers
«You’ve got nothing to fear but fear itself». What idiot coined that phrase?

Fear. To some it’s a state of mind, to others, it’s motivation to achieve great things. To the Dead Brothers, it’s both. Check their latest album «Angst (Fear)» by the band lauded as  «The one and only funeral trash band». Heavy on the beat, they present their work in a dark, ritualistic way and by swallowing up polka punk, waltz, swamp blues, gypsy jazz, death metal, Balkan folk, Frank Zappa. In their weird ways, they crystallize all into a thrilling doomsday sound, the numerous instruments played to perfection in a punky throwaway manner only the best can hope to achieve. Notice also the sumptuous presence of as many as five tubas, that sound of «Amen, RIP». The lyrics concern the frailties of life, loneliness, redemption, and love in its many dispositions. In an earlier song «St. Dymphna» (Patron saint of the nervous and mentally ill) another subject gets a voice: «The dreams of this town will never be my dreams / The lies of this world will never be my truth».  

The group is led by the master of the whirling danse macabre, singer-actor, multi-instrumentalist, vaudevillian, comedian Alain Croubalian, including all his phobias. He has Armenian roots like chansonnier-acteur Charles Aznavour (who’s dead) and knows a thing or two about stage presence. Alain’s the genius brain of this cult band which climbed from a grave in 1999, he’s led the Geneva punk band Les Maniacs for 18 years, played with «The Lazy Cowgirls» in LA and did the score for Sophocles’ play «Electra» here at the Schauspielhaus.

The exaltation of death is freedom. But death itself is very popular (everybody is doing it). Now don’t rush it, there’s still an evening full of «Angst», courtesy of the Dead Brothers. Fear? Actually, they’re balsam for the living.

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