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Unhinged improvisation
Sunday, 13.11.2016, 18Uhr18
oh what a night...
They’re the enemy of deadly perfection. And live they’re as alive as life gets.

HORA’TORIUM is as an off-beat sound machine as any band you’ve ever heard. Unhinged improvisation is their game and unpredictability is their name. They’re the muscular musical arm of the Zurich theater group HORA’TORIUM and they’re a spectacle all to themselves. The quintet bursts with baffling rhythms in expressing their sonic ideas, powerful stuff that with no trepidation aims to shoot beyond to where few dare to go. It’s devil-may-care and nearly suicidal work steeped in rock and psychedelia and it succeeds with a fearless attack on anything you’re familiar with or heard before while showering you with striking beautiful tunes. Going off the rail is standard. No attempt is made to get back on either, rather it’s used as an opportunity to further follow the path of uncompromising improvisation.  And that’s when you’ll realize this seemingly road to nowhere is in fact going somewhere. Fast.  As an added bonus please enjoy the intermittent presence of the otherworldly singer Denise Wick Ross.

Tradition can be as restricting as the bridle on a mountain mule.
Referring to musical traditions that reach back hundreds of years and all across the Alps, this Swiss Folk quartet actually builds on them by adding other worlds of sound. You’ll be astonished to hear elements of pop, jazz, gipsy, punk, Celtic and contemporary classic built into their folk amalgam. And that it more than works. Silberen’s current cd is “Blumenstein” (2016) and it reached the lower lands with the support of the legendary Zytglogge Verlag. The band features Barbara Berger (voice, Indian harmonium), Christian Schmid (contra bass, voice), Roli Strobel (guitalele, percussion, voice) and Hannes Boss (dulcimer, hanottere, voice). Not only will you get infused by fresh mountain air and hear the cowbells sing. But you’ll hear that near orgasmic shout of joy called Juuzen that’ll make you forget you’re in Switzerland. Jost Ribary, eat your heart out.
el Lokal