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Sunday, 31.10.2021, 20:20
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Mo Klé
+ Into Orleans
In his own words for the previously released single “The One”: “It revolves around the one great love we’re all hoping for. And the subsequent disappointment when everything vanishes into thin air.”

The wordsmith was born René Grünenfelder in the Rhine valley and adapted the stage name Mo Klé from slangy French, meaning mot clef, key word. He’s been situated in ZH for the last 10 years or so, paying his dues in group projects, not the least was of the punk variety. Following several singles, he’s releasing his first album “Parallel Worlds” tonight. To key you in on it, it’s set in the vast expanse of Americana and a touch of Fleetwood Mac and James Taylor might be heard. It’s grand story telling based on his personal observations which could come from entries in his diary, mentally or written, songs performed with sharp tongued lyrics and rhythmically advanced compositions. And if you detect a bit of enlightened fatalism, you are not far off because Mo writes about the joys of life as well as some of the crap that accumulates in people over time. All told, his pieces are beautiful and catchy, performed with rich and passionate vocals and it’s in “Parallel Universe” where he’s really showing his minerals. His work will caress the nervous system and massage the heart and inevitably bring a knowing grin to any face. 

The musicians who performed on “Parallel Universe” with Mo Klé (vocals and acoustic guitar) are Timo Keller (organ & backup vocals), Christian Winiker (e-guitar), Stoph Ruckli (bass), Mario Haenny (drums & percussion) plus additional percussion from Jwan Steiner. 

A landlocked ZHer now, Mo has confessed that he prefers the ocean over the mountains. No worry Mo, you’re in good company at El Lokal.

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