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Saturday, 17.10.2020, 20:20
oh what a night...
Robertson Head
Music Machine
Remember that Heineken slogan not too long ago? «The one beer that reaches parts of the body other beers can’t»?

What Heini beer claims about their suds, Robertson Head Music Machine can easily say about their sound. Actually, their work could reach the parts of your body you might have overlooked you still have at your disposal. Yes, they’re essentially a country dance band with a heavy blues drift and they’re dead serious about their art. The band showcases classics like «I Asked for Water (and She Gave Me Gasoline)» by Howlin’ Wolf (also attributed to Mississippi Fred McDowell who put «whisky» instead of «water») and «Ran so Hard» by Otis Taylor as well as their own compositions like «Moon on the Lake» and «Sunday Pony». 

«They» are Stephen Thomas (from Les Voda) on guitar and vocals, Bice Aeberli (Trio from Hell) upright bass and vocals, and a body called the Weathereye (Les Voda) on drums. Some of the raw guitar work reminds of how the guitar was played by «workers» on the notorious Parchman prison farm down in Mississippi when the three-string guitar was common for lack of anything more costly, way before the Delta blues got electrified. Fact is, «The Farm» on 74 square km, housed Bukka White (who did time and sang «I ain’t never done no man no harm, all I did was shoot my wife») Son House, R.L. Burnside, and some great unknowns at one time or another. 

The thing about it is, Robertson Head Music Machine is an Americana dance band that’s having an infectious good time not least for themselves. If for some reason you keep your body from what it naturally wants to do, let their music dance in your head just the same, will ya?

El Lokal, playing since 1.8.2000. Thank you for your patronage.

el Lokal