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Saturday, 30.10.2021, 20:20
Admission: 35.–
Jolly & The Flytrap
Back again and once again merrily barreling down the road of rock nostalgia.

On the road again. A place this rock’n’rolling Swiss octet is quite familiar with considering their over 300 live gigs since their inception with a first gig in a cinema situated in the sleepy mountain village of Engelberg all of 34 years ago. An octet that’s bending the stage into an aching concave, the singers croon in Spanish, English, French and Italian and their sound’s as big as an alp. An overflowing barrel of energy, this band enthusiastically goes about their calling with electrifying polkas, magnificent mazurkas and tangy tangos and what have you, nostalgic genres which they raise to dizzying new heights. No style seemingly is off-limits for this dynamite group. But it’s their brand of rock’n’roll which leaves an impression on the soul and for which the band has been called a “global rock band”. Now driven even more by the droning of trombone and sax, courtesy of a couple of new members on said instruments, who are Roger Greipl from the Aeronauten and Emilio Parini from ABC.  

And here is the nucleus of this eclectic formation, which advertises itself with some fine fin-de-siecle, seductive posters that made this alpine express the popular mainstay on the Swiss scene they are today. It helps that they produced a bunch of albums, EP’s and singles as well but tonight they’re on live. Which means you’ll likely hear all of Martin Infanger on accordion, Werner Haecki on drums, Fabian Christen is the engineer, Roger Greipl on sax, Richard Blatter on guitar and vocals, Hannes Blatter on bass and vocals,  Emilio Parini on trombone and Andreas Dorn on sax. Andreas is also a visiting professor of Egyptology at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. No doubt, the mummies are gyrating in their tombs.

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