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Sunday, 18.11.2018, 20:00
oh what a night...
Freie Sicht Aufs Mittelmeer
Songs you remember from the 80’s, maybe: A) Girls just want to have fun. B) Everybody Wants To Rule The World. C) Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). D) Total Eclipse Of The Heart…

E) Beat It. F) Every Breath You Take. G) Another One Bites the Dust. H) Money for Nothing. I) Need You Tonight but K) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. You might be able to connect the artists to these songs, easy if you’ve been around in the fab 80’s, you’re definitely still in the groove. If not you can get back in (see bottom). But wait, there’s more, much more.

Under the direction and the voice of Anet Zemp, «Freie Sicht aufs Mittelmeer» (Clear View to the Mediterranean) her choir is a loose group of songstresses and songsters who are dedicating themselves to the revival of some of the bounciest tunes of that turbulent decade. (The choirs name relates to the rallying cry of a «neo-hippie» protest movement in 1980 and again in 1982 here in Zurich. Also called the «Opera House Riots» and «Zurich Is Burning», it did get worldwide attention because the ruckus was far from lovey-dovey). Sticking to the music of the time, here are some of the songs the group will perform tonight to get your memory cells going and to again warm your heart. The selection of eclectic songs was arranged by Anet. For tunes that are still ironic and danceable all the same:

Vicious Games & The Race (Yello),
Campari Soda (Taxi)
Eisbaer (Grauzone)
Major Tom (Peter Schilling)
Das Model (Kraftwerk)
Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)
Sometimes It Snows In April (Prince)
Big In Japan (Alphaville)
Blaue Augen und Monotonie (Ideal)

Led by Anet Zemp the singers for the never-say-die goodies are Dalia Donadio, Daniela Sarda, Luca Maria Crivelli, Simon Hari, Marius Zemp and Mario Hobi and they’re very ably supported by Mario Scarton on synths.

The 80’s, alive at El Lokal. Great music has no expiration date.

A) Cyndi Lauper B) Tears for Fears C) Eurythmics D) Bonnie Tyler E) Michael Jackson F) The Police G) Queen H) Dire Straits I) INXS K) Wham 

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