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A true son of Vienna
Saturday, 12.11.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Der Machatschek
You’ll laugh your ass off.

Der Machatschek even goes as far as saying «Lachen darf wehtun» (Laughing should be allowed to hurt). Which doesn’t necessarily make him a pain in the ass. 

The former master mason is a true son of Vienna and they love him in that cultured city. In fact he’s been compared to other literary humorists of the Danube metropolis, great names like Georg Kreisler and Helmuth Qualtinger. But once Der Machatschek partnered with the guitar, Vienna was never to be the same again. And neither will you.

A Machatschek in Viennese is a guy who, because of his talent for improvisation and luck too, succeeds by jumping over any hurdle his patchwork existence might put in his path, he explains. Happy-go-lucky jumping forward as a way of life – hats off to our guy. He’s been performing for years in cabarets, libraries, literary festivals and on TV and radio and he wrote the film score for the recent epic «Sommer in Wien». Der Machatschek knows and sings about every nook and cranny of his city and beyond, those of the human condition too. «Original Wiener Liederatur - Lesen mit allen Sinnen» (Reading with all senses) he implores while making you laugh yourself senseless.  Wrote Hanspeter «Duesi» Kuenzler: «The name says it. In his songs, Der Machatschek narrates about every crack in the wall of the big city and then sprinkles it with satirical hot pepper. Like in the cruel but beautiful ballad «Im Ress’l Park wo die Junkies bluehn» (In Ress’l Park where the junkies are blooming), and continues «Gehma Giftler schaun, da ess I gern mein Jausebrot weils vuel besser schmeckt im Angesicht von Elend, Not und Tot» (Let’s go watch the poisoners, that’s where I like to eat my soda bread because it tastes so much better in the face of misery and death.)

Lachen darf wehtun. Servus from Der Machatschek. 

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